Sunday, February 1, 2009

My other BF - Matt Nathanson

Okay--so I love Matt Nathanson. Seriously. ADORE him. He's half my muse for HOME actually. LOL And he recently did this radio spot and he's pretty much of my mindset when it comes to kids and his reaction was just spot on! LOL

So seriously...just adore him.

And c''s the SONG.
Tessa and Jon's NEW YEAR's Song!


The Goddess Hathor said...

Ah yes...THE SONG...

Seriously, I love the soundtrack you're putting together for Home, and this kid (is he a kid? He looks about 30, which makes him a kid in my head) has a great voice.

Thanks for sharing your other BF :)

~ Hath

JBJBounce said...

When we were talking the other day about him, I had no idea that HE'S the guy that does that song. First time I heard it on the radio I loved it, don't know the proper name, but 'swing of your hips' is a great song with a cool hook. Yeah, I can see how he's one of your muses.

Oh and his whole lost track of things when she brought up the kids thing, made me laugh.

Anonymous said...

I adore the song 'Come On Get Higher'. It's played ont eh radio here some, and it's now on the sattelite feed at my part time job. I do not get tired of hearing this song!

Did you know that Sugarland has a cover of 'Come On Get Higher' on the fan version of their latest, Love On The Inside?


SoulGirl said...

Well you know how I already feel about Matt -- he is just fantastic and I'm hoping one day we do get to catch him in a show. ;)

He has many many other great songs, I downloaded his entire discography infact, lol. And I can tell you from what we've discussed there are some more FANTASTIC songs from Matt to come in Home.

I agree, and I love the idea of a ST for a story if it fits... and you seem to choose the best songs for those gut ripping chapters too.

And they all know that Come on Get Higher is about getting naked right? (seriously it is, lol)

TaraLeigh said...

Thanks ladies.
I do take a long time to pick the songs I stick in this story. And sometimes they're chosen oh---30 chapters ahead. LOL