Friday, February 20, 2009

DEE! Get your hands off my GUY!

Okay Dee--hands off my scruffy man!
You just like beard, I KNOW IT!

And--well--because they're talking about it and you know you're going to go find it just because you NEED to see that cheesy video...with that one moment of utter deliciousness. Jonny with no shirt in bed of course--and the part where he's smelling the girl's hair. (pssssst 30sec mark)
*sigh* Man... LOL

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JBJBounce said...

SIGH How does one man DO that to all of us???? Good god, he's HOT. Oh and Tara....he's SCRUFFFFFFY!!!! He's MINE when he's SCRUFFY!!! LOL. GOD what I would do with him like that.....