Saturday, February 14, 2009

Beacon Theater Reopening 2/13

Okay....Tara's a little broken.
HOLY SWEET FREAKIN' HELL! Now that's a delicious slice of scruff right there.
Happy Valentine's Day to MEEEEE!!!
It was so hot he got his own post on my damn Blog about it. Gah!!

Oh--yeah there was a reason for the post.Jon showed up--with Wifey in tow--
to the Reopening of the Beacon Theater in NYC.
Gotta say--Dot pulled herself together.
I'm not sure I'd EVER have the balls to wear leather pants--no matter my body. LOL But Go Dot!


Queenie said...

Holy hell woman! Warn a person before posting a pic like that!!! Gawd he's just too beautiful. His wife ain't no slouch either.

Leather pants, I wish. Go Dot! LOL

TaraLeigh said...

Sorry, Steph! He was just too hot NOT to add up as a daily!