Thursday, May 20, 2010

And the Jovi-A-Palooza Starts!

I've been waiting for May to come around, and the shows are just around the corner now. My great friend, Kiwi is coming in from New Zealand--flying on a jet plane right now as a matter of fact! I've got another awesome friend coming in from London - YOU, VOLCANO--Stay silent!

I've been concentrating on my non-FF writing for the last few weeks--trying to get something ready to submit this summer. I was hoping for this week actually, but as usual, I can't shut up. LOL It's taking more words to get my point across--gee, I don't know where else that could have happened?  *-*

But, because all I can think of is Jovi...I did manage to get a few chapters of Devotion ready for posting.  First one is up now. My Jamie and Jon...*sigh* How they do love to screw with my, I mean, my head. LOL

See Chapter TEN for more details.  ELEVEN will be ready tomorrow.

More Jovi fun in the blog on its way. The 3 of us will probably be blogging a lot of details about our trip--whether you care or not. LOL!