Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Continued Absence...

I know my writing has been less than steady lately, and I wanted to give you guys a head's up as to what's happening.

Right around Thanksgiving we received some rather scary news about my mom.  Some of you know that my dad passed away from cancer about 7 years ago now...well, looks like the fates decided that our family would get one more challenge.  Mom has Stage 4 colon cancer that's moved into her lungs.

Thankfully my mom's a fighter, and we're looking at our options. Thursday night we had a terrible scare with a seizure.  As if the colon and lungs weren't bad enough, the mets have now moved into her brain.  Right now, the only option we have is to fight the brain tumors-yes, multiples-and see where we go from there.

I'm not posting for sympathy, though I will take prayers from anywhere I can.  But writing is and will always continue to be an outlet for me.  With all that's happening, it just might not be a very steady outlet.  I know you guys will understand, but I did want to at least give you a head's up as to why I'm absent from time to time.