Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year - New Layout

Well--the Photoshop geek in me strikes again. LOL

I was getting bored with the jeans.

And, well---honestly, the only time jeans interest me are...

Yeah, you catch my drift.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Home's on a roll

Imagine that!
Two chapters in the same week!
And I'm working on a third! LOL But the third probably won't happen until early next week if at all. Damn Christmas.

I swear, my shoulder is aching something fierce from all the damn shoveling. I keep hearing whispers of a storm every other day right through to Christmas.


Are ya kiddin' me here?

Mother Nature is exceedingly righteous this month--and you know...It's not even officially WINTER yet! ARGH!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Been Awhile

Hmmm---You know, Christmas is a PITA sometimes!

I'm hip deep in decorations, crafts and shopping.
I'm not one of those people that actually enjoys that! LOL I like the craft part, but everything else can go hang.

I finally opened up my HOME doc. Sheeesh. I couldn't believe the date that I last opened it. I actually had to go and look through the chapters and refamiliarize myself with Tessa and her state of mind. Mercy--I didn't realize how hard it would be.

So that's coming soon---in between beading projects. Oy! How many days until Christmas?!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Jovi SOTD - The Covers Week: Jersey Girl

Jersey Girl - Tom Waits

Fitting that Bon Jovi would do a song like this one. I'm sure this is another one of those, "I wish I wrote that," favorites of Jon's.

I know it's one of mine.

I've listened to the original and that's great too, but *sigh* Man, give me some Jonny Croon anytime!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Jovi SOTD - The Covers Week: Sylvia's Mother

I love, love, looove this version of Dr. Hook's, Sylvia's Mother.
The first time I heard this song was on the This Left Feels Right DVD Bon Jovi released back in 2004 I believe.

I'm pretty much hooked on anything acoustic, but add in a croon and my lust-o-meter works overtime.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Slice of Life Updated

For those looking for something to read...

For the Love of Compromise

Is up on my Slice of Life boards. Izzy and Jon are my 'fun' bunch. So if the holy shit factor of HOME has got you thinking I can only do sad...go over there and take a look.

It's been updated from the original post on the Jovi Fan Forum DLS board.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Aggressor

I'm a contributor to Hath's PIC FIC blog....and this is a VID-FIC instead. Thought I'd post it on my own blog as well.

Amsterdam - June 2008 - Someday I'll Be Saturday Night. (Formatted for the Ipod Video, mind enjoy the download)

This is the Jon that makes me ache. THIS is the Jon that I want to see at every blessed show. This part of him that lets go and shows he still loves that stage and his songs. And loves the reaction of a woman on the edge...ahem. Me.

You want me.

It's there.

I can see it.

The way you watch so arrogantly.

You don't even hide it. The glass of wine cradled in your palm as you lean back on the expanse of mahogany. Your hips pushed forward, the pull of your dark washed jeans over your thighs spread wide. Your eyes, dark and glittering in the low lights of the bar. You lift the glass to your lips, the quick flick of your tongue on the rim just as the dense red liquid slides down your throat. Your eyes never leave mine.

Everything inside me wants to fidget. My clothes feel too hot, too tight. The very air around me feels heavy, pressing down on me. Something inside me holds on...keeps me still. I can't let you know that it effects me.

Then the game would be done.

I know it's a game.

The night is a game. Especially this night. It's late. The bar's all but on its last call. The dark Disaronno swimming in my belly with the controlled kick I was looking for. I'm four deep in lowballs of the earthy liquor. I wasn't looking to get drunk, just longing for the slow burn of the amaretto to go with my dark mood.

You suit my mood. I can feel the darkness in you. Even across the bar as you watch me, I can feel it. You know you can have me...the game isn't there. The game is in the stalking. The game is in the hunt. The game is in the how...and most definitely in the when.

You finish the wine, placing the glass on the bar carefully as you stand. Dropping bills on the glossy surface you walk to me...purposefully. The angles of your face seem almost menacing in the flickering table light candles that bounce off your skin. But it's your eyes that hold me.

Ever watchful still.

You stand in front of me, no words spoken. You lift my glass, turn it to where my lipstick mark has branded the glass and tip back, the click of ice in your mouth just before the crunch. Your eyebrow quirks. "Amaretto?"

Your voice is like smoke.

"I wasn't in the mood for whisky tonight."

"I don't think I got enough of a taste." You step closer. "Mind?"

"Too bad, last call was ten minutes ago."

You smile, your thumb tracing my lower lip. "I'm not interested in the Disaronno."

I felt my belly tighten and my nipples harden. The wanting, the game, the night. It was there. If I wanted it, it was there without question. My tongue flicked out to taste the pad of your thumb. Fascinated, I watch your eyes go darker, the pupils widen with a predatory gleam. I watch the tick of your pulse in your neck, the line of your Adam's apple dusted in a day's growth.

The quick swipe of your tongue over your lips. The divot along the top lip...the perfect edge for the tip of my own tongue. "Not at all?" I ask.

The bright flash of white in the dark lets me know that I've won...for now. Without a word you dip down, your lips a breath away. "Perhaps a taste?"

I stand straight, the line of my dress swishes around my thighs as you crowd in. "Perhaps I'm not interested in a taste."

The darkness is back. The bold, watchful gaze going from tease to heat. Your hand lifts to cup my jaw, the line of my neck with your thumb and middle finger to each side. Holding me still without the least bit of pressure. You lower your mouth, the tip of our tongue glides over my lips and skips from kiss to a deep, all consuming infusion. No sweet layering. No soft seduction.

You take.

The game is yours. The darkness is for me and I'm not interested in the light.

I move closer, but you hold me still. "I'm not done tasting," you say. The heat of your palm on my throat, just a tiny bit of pressure to hold me still...the arch of my jawline angled up to you for more. You like the power of it, the bit of surprise that swirls in my eyes.

No fear though. Interest glimmers in those midnight eyes of yours. You like it. I smile. "More," I whisper.

The kiss is harder, rougher. The demand higher, the reward greater as our tongues grapple. Strength and darkness wars while your taste, driving me higher. I bite down on that wide lower lip, sucking your tongue into my mouth. "More."

You tear your mouth away, the spots of color high on your cheeks from wine and heat. You lower your hand from my neck to my hand, dragging it to the length pushing hard against your zipper. "How much more?"

I press my palm to the scratchy denim and let my fingers learn you. "More." You turn, pulling my hand away. The grim line of your mouth so different from the soft fingers at my wrist. Almost like you're afraid to squeeze too hard.

I won't break and I don't want soft.

I like the dark.

I like the look in your eyes that leads to the wild. I like your aggression.

No talking, just the action.

Now this...this I want. The finding. The needing. You find the door, rounding the building in that purposeful stride again. I catch up with a quick step and click of heels. I turn my face up to the misting rain.

You turn to me. "How much more?" Rain dots your hair, pushes it down into your face as droplets form a sheen on your cheekbones.

My answer is a kiss. The wetness adding to the heat. It could have been a cool dose of reality. But I don't want reality.

I want this.

The heat.

The darkness.

And now the wet. You crush me close, jerking me higher as your fingers bruise now. You've found the moment.

You want the heat.

You want this.

You want me.

My breath lodges deep in my throat as the brick of the building slams into my back. You're there. Your fingers scraping against my thighs as you open me. Jerking up the silk of my dress, pleased when it sticks to my belly.

Your hand, hovers over my panties. Your lips just there...not on me, but not away.

Watching again.

You tilt your head as you slide your finger along the elastic at inner thigh. My quick gasp of breath leaves you smirking. Just a tease really. Not quite a touch yet.

I can feel your breath on mine. The quick shudder of your fingers as they wait there. "More."

Two fingers. No warning. Deep and gripping as I cry out. Turning, burning as you reach inside me. Cupping me, holding me high on the tips of my toes. "More?"

Watching. Always watching.

My head falls back to the brick, the rasp of the wet stone on my back. The hard male in front of me. The fingers inside me, the rain on my face. "All of it."

Your tongue is relentless, but all I can focus on is the loss of your touch. I moan into your mouth, searching for more...For the fullness again. I hiccup out a groan as you press into me. Finally! "God yes," I whisper against your mouth as the bulky ridge of you butts against my hood, presses against the lace barrier.

Your eyes.


Your eyes on mine. The rain clinging to your lashes, the darkness swirling there as you jerk the slim string at my hip and the cool night air touches me for the first time. No time for thought, no time for coolness. You lift my thigh on to your hip.

Watching. Always watching.

Your breath, your groans mingle with mine. Your eyes never leave mine. Never look at our bodies clasping, slapping or merging.

My eyes. Just my eyes as you drive into me. Your lips finally settle on mine, sucking my lower lip as my cries are swallowed in the rain and your eager mouth.

Your fingers grip and wrap my other thigh up around your hips. Your arms bracing against the brick as you pound inside of me.

Watching again. Forehead to forehead as the sky opens up. As I open up and take you.

All of you.

I don't know if it's my cry or yours, who walked the edge first. I know this. I know that I died a little. I know that you became part of me...a moment in time.

My aggressor.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Home's Posting Spree

You guys are going to get spoiled as hell.

ANOTHER new chapter up of HOME. I'm on a roll, and instead of holding them back I'm just publishing them. We're getting into the hard part of the story, folks. Like we weren't already, right?

Just know that these two mean the world to me and I am going to do everything I can to keep them in character and do them AND you proud.



Sunday, September 21, 2008


Soo...I'm always looking for songs to use in my stories.
If you've got a FAVORITE post it here.

I can find most anything, but if it's rare you can always email me the actual file.

I love all genres.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Soundtrack

Don't forget all the songs used in Home are on the link on the side. I've loaded 'em up in my SkyDrive for your downloading or just playing pleasure.

I'll be adding new songs with all that Tessa's dealing with in Home as well.



Thursday, September 18, 2008

Home - Yes...I'm working!

Hey everyone! I know it's been, 11 of them to be exact since the last chapter of Home was up.
*blushing furiously*

I'm working on it tonight.

Stupid life.

Soo...pray for me.

That I can get the Tessa Groove Back.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

September...Hell, what day is it?

Oh yeah, the 17th. (barely) I lose track of my days, man. I think a few got lost in the paint fumes. Blah!

So...I know, I've been a bit behind on HOME. Sorry guys, renovations in the house have put me behind in my schedule. I'm working diligently on SIN (my book), Home and updating KTF. Sheesh. Never a dull day in Writersville.


A new project on the horizon. Gee, you need another?

Yes, I do. LOL


If you're a writer, I strongly advise you to give it a look. November is National Novel Writing Month. Every year this organization does a contest called A BOOK IN A MONTH. It starts on Nov 1st. The goal is to write a 175-page (50,000-word) novel by midnight, November 30.

I can hear the gasps.

LOL Hard right??

If you're interested here's the DEETS.

It's a challenge, that's for sure. But I did the math (Math is power!) and it really is only 6 pages a day. The thing with this is QUANTITY over QUALITY. And that's going to be hard as hell for me to do. BUT, the good thing will hopefully push me to:
  1. write faster
  2. be a better writer
  3. stop editing myself into an early grave!

That's what holds me back the most. I have this need for every sentence to be perfect so I lament and scream, doubt myself and get sidetracked in frustration. Oh yeah and I have the attention span of Dora the goldfish. (You know Ellen DeGeneres' voice is in your head.)

So, I'm giving this crazy thing a try. I might have to kill someone by the end of it. Hopefully it will be a character and not one of my friends or family members. I'll TRY to make it a new character and not one of my current stash.


Hey! Stop swearing at the screen. I'm kidding.


Friday, September 12, 2008

A Bit About Me


Most of you know who I am. A Crazy Jovi-Head with a slight obsession with molding Jon Bon Jovi into a pretty terrific character to play around with. Now, that being said...he's just a character. Nothing I come up with has any basis in fact. AND...big AND...I'm not delusional folks. I know I can't have him. LOL


He's an interesting guy to play around with and I've actually used him to hone my skills as a writer. He's the reason why I've actually started to focus my talents on an honest to God novel. I've always loved writing, but plotting, molding and letting this crazy imagination of mine run free has actually made me think maybe I've got something here.

Maybe, just maybe I can make this FUN side of myself work for me in this crazy world we live in.

Soo....without further ado, here's my current catalogue of work. Enjoy and comment if you love it, hell...comment if you hate it.

Us writer's live for it.