Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year - New Layout

Well--the Photoshop geek in me strikes again. LOL

I was getting bored with the jeans.

And, well---honestly, the only time jeans interest me are...

Yeah, you catch my drift.


Anonymous said...

Love the new layout, Tara. I mean seriously, have you ever seen a better looking ass in your life? I just want to bite it, then lick it, then bite it, then lick it. Thanks for all you do. Waiting patiently for another chapter of Home. Thanks for all you do. diane4jovi

TaraLeigh said...

Thanks Diane.

I think lick, bite and smack is in order for that exceedingly fine ass.

Good Goddamn!!

SoulGirl said...

Layout looks awesome, I am totally addicted to my blog layouts at the moment lol

ROTF... I love the addition of the the licking smiley thing, LMAO is that not perfect or what?!

Happy New Year, look forward to more wonderfuk work from you this year in both the FF and non FF (its gonna happen woman) realm.


TaraLeigh said...

Thanks, Kiwi.

The lickey smiley was way too perfect for that ass, lemme tell ya! Though it would fit more if it was a biting smiley. *-*

Thanks for the support as always. Cross your fingers and toes!

Anonymous said...

I adore the cat lickey thing! Wherever did you find it!

I think you alrady know I adore that most PERFECT ASS IN THE UNIVERSE. I do believe that's how we met after all. LOL!

Happy New Year and love the new design. Preeeetttty!!

TaraLeigh said...

Don't you just looove the anime cat? LOL I have no idea where I found it. Probably some post and snagged it for my PB. LOL

Thanks Stas...not much that's BAD about an ass like that!

JBJBounce said...

That man's ass was MADE for tight blue jeans. There's not one better. Love the new layout and am impatiently waiting for more Home. Can't wait for that non-FF work to get published!