Friday, January 16, 2009

So...My BF was pretty cool last night...

LOL Yes, I know he's not, but that's my pet name for JBJ.
Go ahead, roll your eyes if you want. LOL

A girl can dream.

But if dreams are made of these...and Jonny can make such a lovely speech about his hero, then there's a little good still left in this world. He was charming and funny and you can tell that he still has a hero, not just saying it for a soundbyte.

And a little croony delicious just because.


SoulGirl said...

I still can't get over how amazing he sounds here.... great songs choices as well. If he sings like this in Feb---I'm gonna need to mail you more panties me thinks.


Neurotic said...

I'm prayin', hopin', wishin' to get the croons on Feb 23rd. He just gotta croon for us.

I saw the song on uTube but not the speech, so thanks for sharing that one. xoxo

Anonymous said...

You are oh so right, Tara. A girl can dream. And Jon is the very stuff of my dreams too. *sigh*

JBJBounce said...

Oh yeah, BF was lookin' HOT at that gig and even hotter today at the We Are One thing. The man can croon to me anytime and I'll just turn into a puddle.