Friday, January 30, 2009

Went on a bit of a YT Binge


I sorta went a little nuts in YT tonight. LOL

A rare LIVE performance from Top Of The Pops.
I hate that they mostly have the guys do LipSynch crap. LOL I miss the Richie faces and Jon is pretty bad at lipsynching. LOL he always messes up. lol
But this one is done in NYC. *sigh*

And two clips from one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE shows. Man I wish I'd gone to THIS Buffalo show. LOL *sigh*

Watch in HD/High Qual if you can. It's SO worth it!


SoulGirl said...

*shakes head* I don't know why I do this to myself -- but I watched them all AGAIN.

Gah! That last one just kills me. Every. Single. Time.

"Amen my ass" -- LOL Jonny.

JBJBounce said...

Oh. My. F*ckin. God. HOT!!! SCRUFFY!!!!

I HAVE to stay away from You Tube or there would be a search party looking for me. I get lost there.

TaraLeigh said...

Yeah--SCRUFFY indeed.

Amen my ass! Is my FAVORITE! LMAO!

And I hear you, Di--YT is EVIL...esp now that I can upload the stupid things myself. LOL