Wednesday, September 17, 2008

September...Hell, what day is it?

Oh yeah, the 17th. (barely) I lose track of my days, man. I think a few got lost in the paint fumes. Blah!

So...I know, I've been a bit behind on HOME. Sorry guys, renovations in the house have put me behind in my schedule. I'm working diligently on SIN (my book), Home and updating KTF. Sheesh. Never a dull day in Writersville.


A new project on the horizon. Gee, you need another?

Yes, I do. LOL


If you're a writer, I strongly advise you to give it a look. November is National Novel Writing Month. Every year this organization does a contest called A BOOK IN A MONTH. It starts on Nov 1st. The goal is to write a 175-page (50,000-word) novel by midnight, November 30.

I can hear the gasps.

LOL Hard right??

If you're interested here's the DEETS.

It's a challenge, that's for sure. But I did the math (Math is power!) and it really is only 6 pages a day. The thing with this is QUANTITY over QUALITY. And that's going to be hard as hell for me to do. BUT, the good thing will hopefully push me to:
  1. write faster
  2. be a better writer
  3. stop editing myself into an early grave!

That's what holds me back the most. I have this need for every sentence to be perfect so I lament and scream, doubt myself and get sidetracked in frustration. Oh yeah and I have the attention span of Dora the goldfish. (You know Ellen DeGeneres' voice is in your head.)

So, I'm giving this crazy thing a try. I might have to kill someone by the end of it. Hopefully it will be a character and not one of my friends or family members. I'll TRY to make it a new character and not one of my current stash.


Hey! Stop swearing at the screen. I'm kidding.



Carolynn said...

Help! I lost my lime! (And my man to squeeze it on...LOL)

Sorry, had to say it when you mentioned NWM! :)

TaraLeigh said...

Well hello there partner. ;)


SoulGirl said...

First of all, I love this page layout, very very funky babe!

And I's so glad you decided to do up your own page hehe.

I think the Nov idea is awesome and I can't wait to see what you're devious mind can come up with ;) Go for it!!

Anonymous said...

Hello WT - I love your creative side. Had to drop off a toot toot.