Thursday, September 18, 2008

Home - Yes...I'm working!

Hey everyone! I know it's been, 11 of them to be exact since the last chapter of Home was up.
*blushing furiously*

I'm working on it tonight.

Stupid life.

Soo...pray for me.

That I can get the Tessa Groove Back.


Anonymous said...

Ok Tara I had a thought to get you away from renovations and back HOME to what really matters :) You know the Amish - when they do a barn raising everyone in the community comes to help and the job gets done that much quicker. How about if we all show up at your place with tools and paint brushes and get the job done. Then you can move on and put Jon and Tessa and all of us out of our misery LOL!!!!!
BTW love your new page ;)

Anonymous said...

Ok I'm leaving you another msg - I love your little ipod player on this site and I've been meaning to tell you this for a while now. Way back when you put the Matt Nathenson song Come on Get Higher in the story I had never heard it but loved it and downloaded it and have been enjoying it ever since. Now it's all over the radio and the first time I heard it I was OMG that's the HOME song LOL

TaraLeigh said...


Thanks Chris.
I figured it was high time I had a place to keep you guys updated. And Home should be up tonight. It was a little stubborn on the write.

Still painting of course...but not tonight/today!

As for Matt N. Don't you just love him!! Now Josh Kelley is going to be all over HOME with all the stuff coming up. So look for new songs in the Playlist home base. ;)