Thursday, May 20, 2010

And the Jovi-A-Palooza Starts!

I've been waiting for May to come around, and the shows are just around the corner now. My great friend, Kiwi is coming in from New Zealand--flying on a jet plane right now as a matter of fact! I've got another awesome friend coming in from London - YOU, VOLCANO--Stay silent!

I've been concentrating on my non-FF writing for the last few weeks--trying to get something ready to submit this summer. I was hoping for this week actually, but as usual, I can't shut up. LOL It's taking more words to get my point across--gee, I don't know where else that could have happened?  *-*

But, because all I can think of is Jovi...I did manage to get a few chapters of Devotion ready for posting.  First one is up now. My Jamie and Jon...*sigh* How they do love to screw with my, I mean, my head. LOL

See Chapter TEN for more details.  ELEVEN will be ready tomorrow.

More Jovi fun in the blog on its way. The 3 of us will probably be blogging a lot of details about our trip--whether you care or not. LOL!


The Goddess Hathor said...

I am TOTALLY interested in what you crazy chicks get up to! And thanks for the next installment of Devotion :)


Queenie said...

I wanna hear about all the insanity before I get there next Friday!

Waiting on more Devotion too. Is it tomorrow yet? LOL

diane4jovi said...

Can't wait to hear all the details. So excited to have another one of your chapters to read. I come here first every day. I notice that you are into "Twilight". Believe it or not I have just started reading the first book and have just seen both of the movies. My daughter is almost 13 and we are so enjoying this together. We are definitely on Team Edward. I know this is old stuff for you, but we are just giddy with excitement over the third movie. A friend that also is a big fan says many vamp stories have tried, but fall short. I notice you have read a few other ones. Can you recommend one or two or three to us that you think we might enjoy? This is something that I thought I would NEVER have an interest in, but I am obsessed with it. I totally trust your opinion so please don't leave a Jon/Edward (Rob) fan hanging. You can email me if you prefer. Thanks for any help you can give me.