Monday, September 14, 2009


I know you've been waiting for Devotion to be posted. I'm working on it---FINALLY. So there should be something posted soon. I want to be ahead of the curve, so you lovely readers aren't holding your butt waiting on me.

It's going to be set in the Slippery Era to start and move on through from there. I'm warning you that it's going to be an epic tale. LOL Perhaps as close to soap opera that I'll ever write. Ongoing storylines with sometimes over the top situations. It's the 80's. I'm all about enjoying the time period.

First up...say hi to one of my Female Leads...

Jamison Sambora

She's my hardass.
She's out to prove herself with her music and her writing. Just because she's Richie Sambora's little sister doesn't mean she'll take the easy way in anything.

But, that doesn't mean Jamie doesn't know how to have fun. Perhaps a little too much fun. She works hard and she plays hard. She wants to live life to the fullest.

Too bad Richie's totally unaware of her growing fascination with frontman and writing partner, Jon. She likes the dark side...the thrill side of getting under Jon's skin. Even if love and loyalty will be tested by getting involved with him.

Promises made long ago will haunt her. Will loving Jon be worth the price?


Judith said...

YAY!!!! Finally you give us something so we all know you´re still writing! ;)
I take it as a birthday present :)
Now hurry and give us more!

rutpop said...

Hey there woman-
Just got you in my Google alerts. Can't wait to dive into this one.
By the way that Vamp series by JR Ward that you told me about - OMG you know what I like. Almost done with the next to the last book. Awesome, thanks for the tip.
Hope all is well and will talk to you soon.

diane4jovi said...

WoooHooo!!! Girl, I am so excited. I check out you first everyday. I had given up hope. Thank you for making my day and week month and year etc. etc. etc. Now don't make me wait long. I hate waiting.

SoulGirl said...

Very nice, finally ;)
Jamie is going to be a fireball of fun and drama, I can feel it -- esp from her short you wrote.

Love her look... very sexy.

Poor Jon LOL