Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Meet the Cast Cont'd

Devotion's cast of characters is a bit on the well...huge side.  I've never had so many peeps involved in one story on my own.  I've got the 4 girls of Devotion, the 5 guys of Bon Jovi, a slew of family and supporting cast. It's harder to make everyone have enough screen time, so to speak, and still make a cohesive story.

Now, not to say that I'm not going to enjoy every single last second of it. ;)
There's a lot to be said for plotting and manipulating. heheh

With that being's my next MAIN FEMALE CHARACTER

Stephanie Loran
What's there to say about a woman who's been in love with Richie Sambora since the day she moved in next door? How do you make a long lasting friendship with his sister and not have it be weird.  Why, you live in NJ of course.

At the age of 14, Stephanie and her brother Peter, moved to Woodbridge, NJ.  An instant connection with Jamie Sambora saved her from a summer of utter boredom and the terror of starting her Freshman year in a strange school.  17 year old Richie Sambora was everything a girl could ever want.  A badboy, a gentleman, and a musician.  Two of the most influential and fascinating people in her life, all in the same family.

But even unrequited love couldn't hold her back from finding her dream of dance and music.  So after High School, she tried her hand at NYC's broadway, when that didn't work out, she went for off broadway, and in a moment of weakness and pride, she finds herself dancing at a strip club.  At her lowest point, Richie walks back into her life and makes her question just how much pride she will have to sacrifice before she rethinks a life in NYC.  Not to mention having this man see just how far she's fallen. 

But with one dream lost, another is given time to bloom.  With tenacity and the strong bonds of friendship, she finds the strength to try again.  This time, she'll have her best friend at her back.  And so...Devotion was born.  Can she have the man she loves and her heart's desire at the same time?


Judith said...

Oh Tara, you´re really the Queen of tease!
Stephanie sounds like an interesting character and I can´t wait for this story!

SoulGirl said...

You don't know the half of her level of teasing lol. Pffff.

Steph is pretty. I love her backstory as well -- alot of pride. But sounds like they've sorted themselves out and got their band.. so let the fun begin!

Anonymous said...

You said you had a huge cast for this story, are you bringing trixter into to too. lol. they werent bad guys.

TaraLeigh said...

Why yes, I am a tease.
;) But you knew that one.

And yes, Anon--I most certainly am including Peter Loran in there.
Very NJ and Trixter is a nice little sie set of characters. He's Steph's brother. Nice catch.

Anonymous said...

sorry forgot to put my name at the the bottom of that last one. I liked trixter. I thought th e bass player was cute.I got to meet them a couple of times when they came thru chicago. can't wait for this story.


TaraLeigh said...

Thanks, Jenny.
I really liked Trixter too. I saw them at a tiny hole in the wall place here in Upstate, NY. (Unfortunately that little slice of my girlhood has since burned down suspiciously. Hmm...might have to use that one. LOL!)

Anyway. I loved the camaraderie of that band--reminds me very much of the jovi guys.